At the first European conference and workshop on “creative funding” we will look into: 

-  New ways of financing quality and investigative journalism in Europe

-  Showcasing successfully funded media cases from the US and Europe

-  Exploring the opportunities and challenges in philantrophical funding approaches, such as crowdfunding, foundation funding and others

-  What can today’s media learn from these projects in terms of innovation, creativity and quality?


Please find the detailed provisional program here.

 The Future Media Lab. creates with this conference a unique European meeting place for media related crowdfunding* platforms, foundations, journalists and media companies to explore the potential of innovative and alternative funding approaches for media. It is an excellent learning and networking opportunity.

In the workshop session (World Café Format) participants and experts from the crowdfunding and journalistic environment will discuss the following issues:

-  Fostering quality journalism
Crowdfunding creates opportunities for investigative and quality journalism for startups and existing publishing houses. It can serve variety of independent and civic journalistic projects. It will be discussed how crowdfunding can enable delivering quality and local content, which is directly related to readers’ interests.

-  Expanding your business
This is about how crowdfunding could boost your business. The adaptability and complementary nature of crowdfunding with existing business models will be discussed as well as how crowdfunding can support journalistic and magazine projects in the long-run.

-  Bringing ideas to market
This is exploring the capacity of crowdfunding to indicate trends by community support for new professional content projects. By discussing how crowdfunding works and how it can be used for journalistic projects we aim to explore the “dos and don’ts” of applying this innovative funding scheme for start-ups as well as existing publishing houses.


Here are some of the organisations involved in the programme:


John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, US; Bureau of Investigative Journalism, UK; taz Genossenschaft, Germany; FilmAngel.TV & Angel.me, Belgium; Institute of Media and Communications Policy, Germany; www.voordekunst.nl, NL; www.spot.us, US; www.PleaseFund.us, US; and many more…



*Crowdfunding is a successful way of financing innovative journalistic and magazine projects. The fundraising is managed by web-based tools, which collect a large sum of micro investments. Examples from the US show that this creative way of funding journalistic projects is not only relevant for start-ups, but also offer opportunities for existing publishing houses.


More information about Future Media Lab.: http://www.futuremedialab.info/